Stop using your finger to seal your painters tape, the pros are using the cobber.

The problem with every paint job is paint bleed..the solution is the cobber

Now available at 3 vista paint stores in nevada, the cobber is a must have tool for every paint job.

How to use the Cobber & where to use the cobber

The cobber easily fits in your hand with your index finger at the tip of the tool where you apply pressure to your masking tape to get a 100% seal on your tape to stop the paint from seeping under your tape. The other method used to seal your tape is with your finger which gives you only about a 50% seal on your masking tape, this is how the paint bleeds. 

-Areas we use the cobber after applying masking tape & before we start any painting-

Door jambs

Door knobs


Crown molding





Walls & ceilings

Inside corners before painting accent colors

Receptacle plates


Basically every surface you tape you must have a 100% seal on your painters tape before you start painting or you will have a mess to clean-up or touch-up from paint bleed.

Tool Description

Actual results above


This is a trick the pros don’t want you to know. 


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Short video on how to use the cobber